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Industrie Meister

The Industrie Meister s.r.o. is a company, which specializes in providing a variety of industrial services.

To our customers, we offer professional, efficient and high-quality services, amongst them: welding works, pipe works, scaffolding, installation/ maintenance and repair of all types of metal structures, insulation works, assembly works, electrical installation works and general construction works.

Our services are applicable to many different industries: construction, shipbuilding, ship-repairing, metallurgical, machine-building, petrochemical and chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, food and other industries. In any of these areas, our company can offer you a professional performance with attention to detail.

Our team of experienced and highly qualified specialists has been able to take on and successfully implement a number of projects across the whole Scandinavia and Europe.

Metal structures
Industrie Meister
Activity areas of Industrie Meister include the execution of all types of metal structures, which are notable for their hardness, robustness and durability. Our company assembles, executes, maintains and repairs various types of metal structures used in any activity areas. Company’s specialists comply with all the requirements and norms in performance of all the operations, it allows us to guarantee absolute safety using metal structures.


Assembling of all types of metal structures

Maintenance and repair of metal structures

Execution of metal structures

Construction of primary metal structures

Construction of secondary structures for various applications

Preparation of surfaces for painting and painting works

Industrie Meister
Our company offers services to shipbuilding and ship-repairing facilities in Europe. Our specialists will perform work on the assembly and welding of the hull of a ship, installation of special systems, preparation and treatment of surfaces.


Welding works

Installation/assembly works

Work at heights

Abrasive cleaning and paint work

Industrie Meister
Our company provides a full range of services related to the construction and assembly / disassembly of scaffold. Highly qualified specialists of our company guarantee to perform high-quality assembly of scaffold, because qualitatively assembled scaffold is the guarantee of safety of workers when performing works at heights.

Assembly and disassembly

site preparation for the assembly of scaffold

development of the plant lay-out taking into account the special aspects of the construction project

assembly of various types of scaffold (bolt, framed, wedge-shaped or clamp)

Construction works
Industrie Meister
We provide general construction works.


interior finish works

facade decoration works

bricklaying, laying of foam concrete blocks, aerocrete blocks and other materials

Technological pipelines
Pipe works
Our certified personnel have excellent knowledge of various technological piping systems and their installation.
With a high degree of responsibility we apply the installation of pipes for enterprises of any level of complexity.
We are working with various pipes: thin-walled, thick-walled steel, stainless steel, food grade steel;
We offer services for the laying, reconstruction of technological pipelines in enterprises for various purposes.

Our services

Installation of equipment and pipelines for gas, oil and chemical products

Installation of transmission and indoor pipelines and systems for heating, cooling, water supply and sewage of varying complexity

Welding of steel and stainless steel pipelines

Installation of plastic and aluminium pipelines

Cleaning and dye work on the surfaces of pipelines and technological equipment

Thermal insulation of technological pipelines and equipment